Helping you to communicate and track how your quality of life can change when living with a long term or life-threatening condition

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What is the Lifepsychol System?

The Dial

A simple hand-held dial which can be completed with your health professional or on your own at home. It gives a visual representation of your quality of life, and makes areas of concern easy to spot.

The Website

Create a Profile and store your information securely online.
Complete an online version of the dial at any time, anywhere with access to the internet.

Tailored Resources

Track and chart your progress, monitor changes over time, and access information relevant to your condition and your quality of life. Use your online diary to receive electronic alerts and reminders to suit your schedule.

Introduction to Lifepsychol®QoL

Lifepsychol®QoL is an easy-to-use, patient-driven system. It enables you to record and monitor how your quality of life is affected by a life-threatening or chronic condition, and empowers you to discuss these issues with your health professional. As well as providing structure and focus for the consultation, you'll also get access to relevant resources to help you manage your own quality of life.